Unlocking The Ender Chest: A Guide For Minecraft Players

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The Ender Chest is a cornerstone block in Minecraft, offering secure storage accessible from anywhere in the world. This guide delves into crafting the Ender Chest, its functionalities, and some helpful tips.

Crafting the Ender Chest

How to Craft an Ender Chest in Minecraft
How to Craft an Ender Chest in Minecraft

There are three key ingredients required to craft an Ender Chest:


8 Obsidian Blocks: Obtained by pouring water on a lava source block.

  • 1 Ender Eye: Crafted using Blaze Powder and Ender Pearls.
  • 1 Crafting Table: Essential for combining items.

  • Crafting Steps

    1. Craft Ender Eyes:

  • Gather Blaze Powder dropped by Blazes found in Nether Fortresses.
  • Mine Ender Pearls from Endermen, hostile mobs encountered throughout the world.
  • Combine one Blaze Powder with one Ender Pearl on a crafting table to create an Ender Eye.

  • 2. Arrange the Materials:

  • Open your crafting table.
  • Place the Ender Eye in the center slot.
  • Surround the Ender Eye with Obsidian Blocks, filling all eight surrounding slots. The Obsidian pattern should resemble a hollow square with the Ender Eye in the middle.

  • 3. Craft the Ender Chest:

  • Once the ingredients are positioned correctly, the Ender Chest recipe will appear in the crafting output slot on the right.
  • Click on the Ender Chest icon to transfer it to your inventory.

  • Ender Chest Functionalities

    The Ender Chest offers unique storage capabilities:

    Shared Inventory: Unlike regular chests, the Ender Chest’s contents are accessible from any other Ender Chest placed in the world. This allows you to store valuable items securely and retrieve them from any location.

  • Security: Unlike regular chests, the Ender Chest’s contents are not accessible to other players, even if they have access to your regular chests.

  • Tips and Tricks

    Strategic Placement: Place Ender Chests at key locations like your base, resource gathering areas, and Nether portal for easy access to essential items.

  • Early Game Security: The Ender Chest provides a secure storage solution early in the game, especially when venturing out and exploring.
  • Ender Pearl Retrieval: Ender Pearls can be tricky to obtain. Consider creating an Enderman farm or trading with villagers to acquire them.

  • Conclusion

    The Ender Chest is a valuable tool for any Minecraft player. Its secure and shared storage capabilities enhance gameplay and provide peace of mind when exploring the vast world of Minecraft.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. Can Ender Chests be destroyed?

    Yes, Ender Chests can be destroyed using any tool. However, destroying an Ender Chest will not destroy its contents. The items will be scattered as item drops around the destroyed chest.

    2. Can multiple players use the same Ender Chest?

    Yes, the contents of an Ender Chest are accessible to any player who interacts with another Ender Chest linked to the network.

    3. How many items can an Ender Chest hold?

    An Ender Chest has the same storage capacity as a regular double chest, offering 27 slots for item storage.

    4. Can Ender Chests be used to transport items between dimensions?

    Yes, the Ender Chest functionality transcends dimensions. Items placed in an Ender Chest in the Overworld will be accessible from Ender Chests placed in the Nether or the End.

    5. Can Ender Chests be used to store mobs or liquids?

    No, Ender Chests can only store items. Mobs and liquids cannot be placed inside Ender Chests.