Sweet And Refreshing: Mango Sago Recipe For A Tropical Treat

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Classic Mango Sago Recipe

Point: This traditional Hong Kong dessert combines ripe mangoes, coconut milk, and sago pearls for a refreshing and creamy treat.
Step 1: Cook the sago pearls according to the package instructions, then rinse under cold water and set aside.
Step 2: In a blender, puree ripe mangoes with coconut milk until smooth.
Step 3: Mix the mango puree with the cooked sago pearls in a large bowl.
Step 4: Chill the mixture in the refrigerator for at least an hour before serving.
Step 5: Garnish with additional mango slices or a sprinkle of toasted coconut flakes for extra flavor and texture.

Mango Sago with Pomelo Recipe

Point: This variation of the classic Mango Sago recipe adds the citrusy sweetness of pomelo for a unique twist on a beloved dessert.
Step 1: Follow the steps for the Classic Mango Sago Recipe, but add segments of pomelo to the mixture before chilling.
Step 2: The pomelo adds a burst of juicy flavor and a slightly bitter note that complements the creamy mango and coconut milk.
Step 3: Serve the Mango Sago with Pomelo chilled, garnished with fresh mint leaves for a pop of color and freshness.

Mango Sago Parfait Recipe

Mango Sago
Mango Sago

Point: Elevate the humble Mango Sago dessert into an elegant parfait that is perfect for special occasions or dinner parties.
Step 1: Layer the mango sago mixture with whipped cream and crushed graham crackers in individual serving glasses.
Step 2: Repeat the layers until the glass is filled, ending with a dollop of whipped cream on top.
Step 3: Chill the parfaits in the refrigerator for at least two hours before serving to allow the flavors to meld together.
Step 4: Garnish each parfait with a slice of fresh mango and a sprinkle of cinnamon for a touch of warmth and spice.

Coconut Mango Sago Popsicles Recipe

Point: Turn the classic Mango Sago dessert into a fun and refreshing frozen treat with these creamy coconut mango sago popsicles.
Step 1: Combine coconut milk, ripe mangoes, cooked sago pearls, and a touch of honey in a blender until smooth.
Step 2: Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze for at least four hours, or until solid.
Step 3: To unmold the popsicles, run the molds under warm water for a few seconds before gently pulling them out.
Step 4: Enjoy these Coconut Mango Sago Popsicles on a hot summer day for a cool and tropical dessert that will delight both kids and adults.